Fact Time

  • Trading time for money is not sustainable

  • The number of hours in each day remains at 24 despite how slow or fast they may seem to pass

  • Logic would therefore dictate that you can only see a certain number of clients within 24 hours

  • The more you try to cram in, the less time you have to do the things you love, with the ones you love

Your relationships and your productivity will all reach a point of no return, and then what?​

You ask yourself

  • There must be a more efficient way to financial success than working all the hours right?

  • So, what are the options? Maybe a course, a membership or a programme could work, but how would you start?

  • You know you want to help others with what you know, but you’re just not sure how to go about it.

Less than three years ago I was exhausted

My business was successful, I was fully booked yet I wasn't earning the kind of money that I wanted to!

The problem was I had no way of taking on more clients because I was already doing too much as it was. (Those 24 hours again…)

I then started learning a lot about recurring revenue. I went through the usual worries – what would I even do a course, membership or programme on?


Why would people buy from me? Did I even know enough about anything to make it work? But I loved the idea of waking up to more money in the bank than the night before so I learned everything I could and went for it!  ​

Just a year later

...I no longer had to take on one to one clients – now when I do it’s because I love the project and the client rather than because I need the money.

Over 90% of my multi 7 figure income comes from recurring revenue streams and I have so much more freedom to spend time with my family – I now spend 2 months every Summer and the whole of December travelling with my kids (unless a pandemic stops me!)

When I wanted to learn about recurring revenue

... and avoid all of the mistakes people regularly make there was nobody who would just tell me what to do – I was having to study what they were doing from the outside and read every book I could get my hands on until I made it work for me. And then I felt like I was only buying parts of the jigsaw puzzle - a programme on audience building, another on content and another on launching!​

Now I've put a live group coaching programme together 

...with everything I learnt AND implemented that worked so that you can have my steps to success.

Over 2000 people have now been through this programme and hundreds say it’s the best business programme they have ever done with “it changed my life” having become a common phrase in my inbox!


So let’s talk structure, let’s talk process, let’s talk systems and let’s talk patience, planning and the long game, because, speaking from experience, I can assure you that there is no such thing as an overnight success.


But, I have a non-cookie cutter system that has proven time and time again that creating recurring revenue streams is something that we can all achieve.


Everyone has a skill, everyone has something to share.

Your knowledge is not common knowledge

Let's talk content

Your Curriculum

  • Your Big Idea

    It all starts with this. Working out what your recurring revenue idea could be, what has worked in the past and why even those that think they have nothing to offer, always do! If you have knowledge that others want, you can sell it.​



  • WEEK 


    Growing Your Audience

    In this session, you’ll get to know how to find your audience quickly and how to put together a sales funnel to bring only the right audience to you. You’ll find out how it’s all a numbers game and how to start bringing in money quickly using tripwires.

  • Nurturing Your Audience

    Now you have your audience, I’ll show you the best ways to keep them engaged, how to make sure they become superfans and how to get some quick wins along the way.


    We’ll talk lists and how to keep people opening your emails too. This session will also teach you all about Facebook groups and getting a group ready to monetise it.​



  • WEEK 


    Implementation Week & Q&A

    Use this week to start implementing! We've all done those courses where we've never actually actioned anything. I don't want this to be one of them so this week is all about action and I'll be available during office hours to help, along with my tech expert.

  • Writing Your Content

    It’s time to look at what will go into your course, membership or programme and how to break things down in a way that sells. We’ll also look at transformations, extras and bonuses and the different formats your course or membership can take.​



  • WEEK 


    Tech Week

    You'll find out the best tools for courses, memberships or programmes – you’ll see inside mine and inside one of my expert speakers membership sites so that you can choose the best product out there for you and know the basics of how to use it. There will also be a Q&A with our tech support.

  • Designing Your Long Form Sales Page

    We’ll spend this session designing your long form sales page. I’ll tell you why you need one and how to make your sales page one that converts into money.


    We’ll talk about the tech needed and what you must make sure is included as well as some tips I’ve picked up along the way that make all the difference​.



  • WEEK 


    Implementation Week

    Use this week to catch up and get the actions done. I'll be available during office hours to help, along with my tech expert.​

  • Mapping Out Your Launch Plan

    One of the most important sessions and the part that is often overlooked, we’ll be discussing your launch strategy. I’ll tell you what works and why.


    We’ll talk about how to price your recurring revenue product and what you’ll need to have in place before you launch. We’ll cover how to sell and how to use affiliates too​.



  • WEEK 


    Metrics and Systems

    All of the content in the world could mean nothing without a firm grasp on the numbers you need for success. 


    We'll look at what the numbers part of the funnel means when planning your launch, and how important it is to have the systems in place before, during and after your launch when it comes to scaling in the future. 

  • Retention & Recap

    This session will teach you how to keep members loving your membership and how to re-sell your course, membership or programme again and again. We’ll then recap everything you’ve learned so far​.



  • WEEK 


    Final Words & Q&A

    Our final session will be a Q&A with me, my tech expert and with past students who have implemented the course and are now making recurring revenue so you can ask them how they did it too.

Great Bonuses!

We know that the tech is the bit that stops you getting the results you need and we understand how annoying it can be to then be sold it as an add on, so we’re including it in the course. That’s right – your sales funnel will be done for you.


Meet my tech guru Kerry!

Kerry is a Funnel Technical Partner and Designer for High-level Coaches and Creatives working with incredible entrepreneurs to design, build and track compelling sales funnels.


Your built-for-you funnel will use her proven design, incorporating your messaging and any branding you already have to create a beautiful funnel to attract your ideal audience.  


Kerry and her team build the whole funnel including email set-ups - all DONE FOR YOU... We will make sure you are legally compliant for GDPR, give you a FREE theme which usually has an annual cost and provide some beautiful brandboards choices for those who do not yet have any branding, as well as ensuring you have ongoing support throughout the program.


So there should now be no excuses to start making your recurring revenue!


Worth £500!


Dawni Baxter from Pretty Branding UK will design a lead magnet for each student and host ongoing Canva Clinics to help you with content too!


Choose from 10 design templates.


Worth £200!  

More Great Bonuses Include

We give you EVERYTHING you need to take action on your passive income journey

  • Private Facebook Group

    Worth £500

    To make sure you get the help you need, I’ve opened a private Facebook group where we can hang out and I’ll be in there daily answering any questions. Sharing the journey with others who you can bounce ideas off has really worked for the last group and they continue to help each other now. We keep this group open for 3 months longer than the 12 weeks programme so that you can ask away!

  • Accountability Pods

    Worth £1000

    This addition made a huge difference last year and so many people now get results much quicker! We’ll add you to a smaller pod led by one of my accountability coaches who have already been through the programme. They’ll keep you on track with bi-weekly virtual meet-ups for support.

  • Tech


    Worth £500

    I completely understand how overwhelming it can be with all the new tools you have to master to get your recurring revenue stream off the ground. That is why I have a tech expert on hand in the group to answer any questions you may have and SOS calls for even more support​.

Associate Coaches

Not only is Lisa in the group to support your learning and development, you have three associate coaches in there too. Focusing on strategy, mindset and the steps you need to take to build a recurring revenue stream, Fran, Shelly and Rachel have all been there and made a success of their learnings in this course. 

Fran Excell

Mindset & Succss Mentor

Rachel Honour-Mitchell

Self Belief Coach

Shelly Shulman

Strategy Coach

NEW FOR 2021

I don’t believe that any system works if it’s cookie cutter. After all we’re all different and like different things and ways to do things so this year you will also have access to 12 extra weeks of optional live trainings AFTER the main modules. These include:​

Abbi Perets

Creating Evergreen

Ange Loughran

Using LinkedIN to Build an Audience

Alisa Owens

Selling with Integrity

Brenda Gabriel

Using PR to Grow Your Profile


Ciara McCarron

Adding Dropshipping to

Your Business

Danny Young

Facebook Ad Strategy & Implementation

David Williams

Creating Passive Income

through Property

Inge Hunter

Using Instagram to

Build an Audience

Jennifer Barnfield Lee

Building a Passive Income

from Products

Jessica Lorimer

Selling to Corporates

Lauren Prentice

Building a Subscription Box Business

Mary Cushen

Quiz Building for Lead Magnets

Sam Johnson

Copywriting Masterclass

Samantha Harradine

Creating Engaged Facebook Groups

Tom Stanhope

Using Video in Your Business

Vaishali Shah

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Business



Fast Action Bonuses

Masterclass Bonus

Book before 11.59pm BST (UK) on Monday 21st June 2021

and also receive...

Magic Messaging Masterclass

with J. Nichole Smith


In this live, interactive Masterclass, Nic will walk you step-by-step through her secret formula for developing a quick, elevator pitch-style brand statement that you can use on your website, sales page, in-person and as your intro in lives and interviews, and of course on your social media bios. If you currently don't know what to say (or say it in 10-15 minutes instead of quickly and concisely) when you introduce yourself or sell your stuff, this masterclass will sort you out for good!


This is the most essential bit of copy in your entire business as it includes the 5 most important elements you need to be magnetic to your ideal person within the first 9-15 seconds of them meeting you or discovering your brand online. This means it sets the stage for the key copy you'll use in the all-important headlines and attention grabbers everywhere you sell (your freebie, your sales page, your ads and more!)


This 2 hr. masterclass will include Q+A and hot-seats where we can work through your copy together LIVE to get it JUST RIGHT in prep for all the other things you’ll be creating for your funnel, sales page and launch.


Worth £599

PLUS all other bonuses!

J.Nichole Smith is an award-winning brand architect and color psychology consultant. She helps businesses stop guessing and get better marketing results every time, by rebranding using science (and a little bit of magic). Trusted by startups, billion dollar brands (and everyone in between) her proprietary Color Brand Method™ provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for brands to master the most important 8 seconds in business (and beyond).

24 Hour Bonus

Book before 11.59pm BST (UK) on Tuesday 22nd June 2021 and receive...

Challenge Genius

A pre-recorded three session bootcamp* to help you launch the way I do!

What we will cover:

  • Why challenges work

  • How to make life easy

  • How to warm up your audience

  • When to use ads

  • How to design a challenge

  • Automation without a budget

  • Using social media and email in a challenge launch

  • How to get commitment from your audience

  • Organisation in the challenge group

  • What happens step by step in the challenge

  • Community management

  • Secret boosters to get results every time!

  • Daily reminders that work

  • How to use workbooks during the challenge

  • Relationship building and personal outreach

  • Planting sales seeds

  • Why added webinars work and how to map one out

  • Assets needed throughout


The launch calculator I use to work out the numbers I need to succeed

The Trello launch plan I use to plan every single launch


The 48 hour bonus!

*This bootcamp will become available at the end of the first twelve weeks of teaching - trust me, you need to do the foundations before you do the launch!

48 Hour Bonus

Book before 11.59pm BST (UK) on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 and receive...

Email Marketing 101

No excuses! A complete package of information to get you nurturing your audience


- Your complete guide to how to get started

- Workbooks to help you break through the barriers of who and how to contact your audience

- A breakdown of your options and which is best for you

- The best calls to action to use



This seven part bundle will get delivered as soon as you purchase so that you can take action before you even start the course.



Meet Lisa

With previous careers in law, banking and the entertainment industry, Lisa set up her strategy business to help entrepreneurs start making profits from their passions by adding recurring revenue to their income streams. While continuously selling out programmes, Lisa has had a £1.7m launch and a £300k launch during 2020 plus several £100k+ course launches within the last 18 months. She had over 160 people join her first membership in 48 hours. She is quite simply a launching genius! 


Lisa has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Thrive Global Contributor. She has presented on stages including for Selena Soo and at Magic Maker Live and been featured in national newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, Psychologies and Red. Her recent Forbes article garnered over a quarter of a million views in under a week and Lisa will be giving her first Tedx talk in Spring.


Lisa lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and 9 year old twin sons but consults with business owners around the globe.




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